full of optimism? become an innovation management consultant!



Being optimistic is a personality trait many people admire and aspire to, but did you know optimism is particularly valuable in innovation management? Here at think, we work with a wide range of blue chip and SME companies to inspire innovation in their business field by employing the latest innovation management techniques. Whether this means kick-starting idea generation, driving profitable growth or increasing employee engagement, think has the expertise to drive innovation to new levels. By joining think as an innovation management consultant, you can be at the forefront of implementing these changes and learn the skills needed to inspire innovation.

With all the training provided by think to make sure you become an industry-leading innovation consultant, you may be wondering why optimism is so important… It has been proven however that optimism is just as important as a good skills-set in ensuring success as an innovation consultant and encouraging businesses to innovate themselves.

Intel co-founder Robert Noyce once said that “optimism is an essential ingredient for innovation. How else can the individual welcome change over security, adventure, over staying in safe places?” This view of optimism as central to successful innovation by a leading business mind demonstrates the importance with which optimism is viewed in the industry. By seeing the best in every opportunity and not being afraid to take risks and challenge convention, true innovators employ optimism to build new and revolutionary ideas and products that constantly push industry boundaries.

Optimism is more important to innovation than ever before given the current worldwide economic context of business. In a time of economic difficulty when Governments are reluctant to invest in new ideas and companies become increasingly risk averse, innovation can seem difficult and unwelcome. But it is here that optimism proves most valuable and can be the crucial element persuading industries that innovation is as important, if not more important than ever in this time of economic difficulty.

An interesting article by Moses Ma, partner at San Francisco consulting firm Next Generation Ventures confirms this importance of optimism despite the economic trouble being experienced around the world. He says, “The core competency of the truly innovative entrepreneur is the ability to see that we are not in the middle of a hopeless lost decade, but are actually now living in an age of potential – leveraging a forthcoming perfect storm of technological, economic and globalization forces.”

Ma also highlights the frequent criticisms associated with being optimistic, arguing that others see optimism as a form of short-sightedness and naivety which fails to grasp the importance of business situations. He notes however that despite criticisms of optimism, it is this which leads to the exemplary positivity, perspective and perseverance that is required to turn any innovation into a success.

Given that the notion of innovation as challenging consensus and driving ideas forward as demonstrated above requires large amounts of optimism, it should be little surprise this is also the case at an individual level. Taking the step to become an innovation consultant may seem daunting initially, but with an optimistic attitude it is easy to see the benefits that becoming a consultant can bring. Rather than focussing on the challenges of making the transition to a new career, take a look at the positives that await you.

Working as an innovation consultant can allow you freedom and flexibility to work whenever and wherever suits your lifestyle, allowing you to create a perfect work-life balance so frequently lacking in 9-5 office environments. Not only that, but becoming an innovation consultant with think allows you to run your own license, meaning you can reap all the benefits of being self-employed and running your own business without the traditional risks associated with going it alone.

It is therefore easy to see why optimism plays a crucial role not only in inspiring innovation at industry level, but is an important competency making a successful innovation consultant. So are you an optimistic, confident and challenge-driven individual, looking to channel your positivity into something constructive and revolutionary? Become an innovation consultant!

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